Handy Shortcuts and Controls

Is it incredibly difficult to use the apps with a traditional keyboard setup? Do you want to make your work a fun instead of a task? You want to setup your own hotkeys and shortcuts to make the task more easy?(ofcourse the answer for all the questions is YES)

Tablet Pro enables you to fulfill all your desires. With its innovative and user friendly techniques you can get your work done in a less complicated way. If you are a person who likes to get his work done in a more relaxing manner then Tablet Pro is definitely designed taking into account the need of people like you!

Upgrade your gaming experience with the Surface pro

Video games, since they came into existence have never run out of trend. With every up-gradation this addiction is only increasing, especially after the time virtual reality got introduced, since then gaming experience got a whole another level. It requires both wit and skill to become a gamer. Gaming gadgets can be at times bulky […]

“Increase the efficiency of your tablet with tablet pro.”

To make a business more profitable than ever, it’s cardinal to cut off the extra expenditure. An entrepreneur feels the whiff of success seeing the profit graph going up. Every business nowadays requires gadgets to handle data, and maintain documents. To increase the efficiency of the workers, it’s pivotal that the gadgets are streamlined. It […]


Productivity is considered the domain of laptops and desktops, while tablets are used as consumption devices. Can a tablet actually be used for productivity in the same way as a laptop, effectively replacing it? Yeah, over the past couple of years, tablet pro has proved it. For digital and professional artists a tablet pro can […]


Advancement in technology has paved the way to outstand the old developments. With new technology a better version of the existing product comes up. The new version is definitely designed keeping in mind the cons of the existing product. So new version proves to satisfy people by overcoming the drawbacks of already existing design. It […]


From the very beginning of childhood girls are considered to be more subtle and gentle and enjoys playing with their decent stuff such as barbie dolls. Boys on the contrary develops interest in gaming, they are passionate enough to play video games. According to a research it has been experienced that males are more attracted […]

Want to experiment with music you create? Want to try some exciting features to make music success? Then try using surface pro

Are you a musician and want to invest in new and innovative software that enable new creative possibilites for music? Innvovation of surface pro has enabled creators to be more productive. The exciting customized touch gesture enables artists to control the arrangements with a quick swipe and thereby enables to have quick access.

What if anyone tells you that you can diversify the music effects and thereby can produce more vibrant sounds with much ease by using advance touch and controls.

Digital canvas for young and inspiring artists

Generally it is believed that people can do remarkable things when technology is within reach. New innovations in technology paves the way for new ideas. Everything seems to be possible with advancement in technology.

Launch of surface pro enabled creators to be more productive. One of the best feature is that your software just opens up and you can dive into any parameter faster with the help of the virtual keyboard than you usually do with the traditional keyboard.

A little about me – Justice – Tablet Pro

A number of years ago I unofficially “quit” as an artist. It wasn’t something that happened overnight. It just stopped being fun, there was just too much “non art” related things to do that really complicated something that used to be so natural for me.

I sold my first piece of art when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I was riding on a school bus at the time and another student really liked something I had drawn and wanted to buy it. I think I sold my first piece for around $20. I have no idea to this day why he had that much money on him.