Tablet Pro

Beautiful touch controls for your favorite programs

tablet pro touch on screen keyboard shortcut buttons

Use the Tablet Pro “Artist Pad” to take faster notes, draw and paint with the full power of hotkeys or create and edit video or 3D 

using our advanced touch controls. With no need for a desktop setup you are free to create in whatever location you are inspired. 

Download a free trial right now

  • Work Faster in ANY location
  • Advanced touch controls replace a keyboard
  • Remembers the keyboard shortcuts for you
  • Loads automatically or activate as needed
  • Beautifully designed and customizable
  • Control Sliders in the User Interface
  • Zoom in on difficult to touch Ui elements
  • Create keyboard shortcuts for unassigned buttons
  • Navigate in 3D with touch or pen
  • Smart modifiers for CTRL, ALT and SHIFT
  • Sticky keys per application, not system wide

Powerful and Mobile

Custom Touch Control Panels

Use our layout editor to customize advanced mouse dragging from the location of a slider, trigger a hotkey, or send a click to a button that doesn’t have it’s own keyboard shortcut. 

Use your favorite

desktop programs

without a keyboard

using our prebuilt

custom touch controls

or modify your own