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Congratulations on being a genius




Have a Touch Screen? You’re in the right place.

You have figured out there is a better way to interact with your Tablet PC. Feel free to pat yourself on the back. Or if you have one of those back scratcher thingies, scratch yourself on the back for a job well done. Feels good to be rewarded for your intelligence doesn’t it?

Tablet Pro is not only for people like you, it is for you specifically. You, the person who wants buttons on the screen so you don’t have to keep taking out the keyboard for a few keys. You who want incredibly fast hotkeys that you can use while using the pen while creating. You who want to make use of all the power in your tablet not just the surface level.

You are smart and you realize that time is money and if you spend all your time traveling to and from work, you make less progress and less money. The same goes for navigating on your computer. And that’s exactly why you are here.

Is there a better way to navigate Windows 10?

Fullscreen Mode - Quick Look - Tablet Pro

touch-tabletThere has to be a faster way and you guessed it that’s us. At Tablet Pro we remove the travel time. Professional software users can switch between tools (like the selection, hand, zoom, and text tools) 1000’s of times per day. We can remove close to 95% of unnecessary movement and travel.

That means you gain way more undisturbed time in the zone where you’re most productive. Doesn’t it feel great to get a lot accomplished? (*hint, the answer is “Yes”) At Tablet Pro we will teach you how to use touch based shortcuts and gestures to remove the travel time between programs, menus, tool changes and everyday edits.

Tablet Pro – Touch Shortcuts

Tablet Pro when installed starts you on 14 days of a free full featured trial. During this time we recommend joining our 14 Day Challenge. The 14 Day Challenge is 7 emails spread out over the course of the free trial that will give you free video training, tips and tricks to making the most out of Tablet Pro. Then the training is done. Today is the perfect day to download Tablet Pro! You have nothing to lose, with the exception to the regret you’d have should you try Tablet Pro a year from now.

At Tablet Pro we are convinced that with the proper tools a tablet can be a beast of a machine. That there is a way to get work done at desktop speeds without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

At Tablet Pro we believe that those hours wasted away from our desktops can be not only redeemed but turned into productivity sweet spots. That when you harness those sweet spots you’ll be able to spend more time doing what matters most, like spending time with family or beating that really hard level in that video game you almost beat (yeah, you know the one I’m talking about).

9 words You will never hear at Tablet Pro. "The screen is too tiny, I can't get anything done

Is this a viable replacement for a Wacom Cintiq? Professionals say yes.

drawingDon’t have any more reservations? Click the link to try us out. Subscribe and Download

Tablet Pro was made with the help of professional Tablet PC users worldwide. We have been producing a new set of tools. Tools based off the work of great minds and creative thinkers. Our collaborative work is not freeware. We believe that the only way to build the ultimate tool is to put in ultimate effort from skilled professionals. We want to have the BEST tool, not the cheapest tool and we believe you do as well.

Tablet Pro is available in the Windows Store right now. Built for you. Waiting for you. You have two choices ahead of you now,

  • Free guided trial of Tablet Pro where you learn amazing ways of interacting with your Tablet and which will leave you feeling like you just got a brand new amazing tool.
  • Don’t try us. (that just sounds lame doesn’t it? We both know you’re awesome so click the button)

You were smart enough to find us, Click and Subscribe and Download now.