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Incredibly versatile tools for
Windows tablet and stylus users

Tablet Pro is a suite of tools designed to help you use your Windows tablet at workstation effectiveness. The Artist Pad found in the Tablet Pro Desktop software is the touch keyboard shortcut buttons you see in my YouTube videos. Great for Drawing, 3D or as a companion to a OneNote stylus session.

The Pen Tool lets you customize and configure your stylus to do your Evil Bidding. Made to advance and improve the abilities of your stylus. This is also the hub for all the tools. It will change all your settings based off the other software you are using, be it Photoshop, Zbrush, Rebelle, OneNote or something else. 

I also sell a few stylus here on the site. The Renaisser brand is my favorite after years of reviewing 3rd party stylus. It’s crafted to be a better digital stylus for artists, which also makes it ideal for note takers as well. I have the best price online and it’s fully vetted. 

Feel free to explore this website and if you have questions feel free to send me an email at

 – Justice Frangipane – aka “Tablet Pro”

Justice Frangipane Tablet Pro main foreground
Tablet Pro Artist Pad touch buttons

Touch screen

controls to 

replace your


shortcuts and 

trackpad. Custom

hotkey panels for 

many keyboard

centric Windows



pen tool application background

Windows tablets don’t have a 

dedicated application to control 

the pen interaction. The Pen 

Tool is a hub that let’s you 

program the pen based off the 

application you are using it with.

At the same time it can also 

launch the Tablet Pro

software automatically 

stylus pen background image for Microsoft Windows

Not all stylus are created equal

Renaisser brand stylus are crafted to create smoother cleaner lines for artists and note takers. The R520 stylus is the top rated, favorite 3rd party digital stylus for good reason. check them out during our HOLIDAY sale

Holiday Sale

The R520BT Stylus has 2 bonus gifts for the HOLIDAY season. 

Bonus #1 is a set of Pen Nibs ($9.99 and almost out of stock) 

Bonus #2 a full license for the Pen Tool ($7.99)

Improve the Tablet without a keyboard

#1. Tablet Pro Artist pad - touch keyboard shortcuts

If you have a stylus and a Microsoft Windows tablet you need the Artist Pad

The Artist Pad is used by casual note takers to seasoned professional artists at the highest level. It let’s you use your tablet like a tablet, comfortably, where ever you choose with no keyboard, desk or mouse needed. You get to lose the keyboard but keep your keyboard shortcuts. 


Z, K, F, V, M, A


Ctrl + Z, Shift + A, Alt + Space


Sliders, Navigation, Brush Resize


Touch Keyboard, Touch Numpad


Create on a BIGGER canvas

Using Zbrush on a Tablet
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Note taking faster than ever
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Full Screen + Hotkeys = 😍
Learn More
Paint Tool Sai V2
Perfect combination of Pen
and Touch interaction in Sai V2
Clip Studio Paint, Leonardo
Krita and many more
Learn More


Used BY THE best


#2. The pen tool

Change what the Surface Pen (and Microsoft compatible stylus) does when you press the side buttons. Automatically switch what the button does based on what software is running!

Remap the side buttons to do your evil bidding

tablet pro pen tool stylus button reprogrammer advanced app
v4 of the Pen Tool
better stylus for Surface Pen alternatives





Defeat Narwaals -


Fast Screen Grab -



- Subtract 3D Material

- HOVER Right Click

- Befriend Monkey

- Click a Location

- Delete

Are you using the default Surface Pen?

We use USPS and FEDEX for a quick trackable delivery service for both your sake and ours.
100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't like the stylus
for any reason you can
send it back for a hassle free
no questions asked refund
You are safe to purchase with us
clean lines
Better for 3D artists
customizable buttons

*the new versions have improved pressure performance, a new look and the R520BT charges via a USB-C magnetic charging hat. The R520C is the simpler version which charges with USB-C but lacks the Bluetooth feature. With Bluetooth you can trigger 3 programmable actions from away from the computer. It is useful for many things. If you think you will lose a charging cable get the simpler R520C since it uses a standard charger, otherwise I recommend the R520BT (Bluetooth version). The drawing experience is the same on both new stylus. 

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A Better Digital Stylus

Raphael R520BT Bluetooth and 2 Side buttons!

A 2 button, magnetic, Microsoft Certified, Surface Pen alternative worth getting excited about. Clean lines, strong magnetic attachment, solid build quality with an attractive design and GREAT price. 4096 levels of pressure, tilt, Bluetooth button and rechargeable long battery life. A favorite for artists and note takers. 

Check FULL COMPATIBILITY LIST below – The Raphael stylus works with the same devices as the Microsoft Surface Pen.

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pen rating guide for best stylus for art and drawing

Improving our Creative Journey

I’ll be introducing new tools and software to help improve digital ink, art and note taking for creative people. If you want to be a part of that journey with me, please add your email now. 

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