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Hold on a second

Are you selling an item That you are reviewing?

Absolutely and I’m completely unapologetic about it. A number of Youtubers and reviewers will NOT sell products that they are reviewing because reviewing is their business. It isn’t my business. My business is finding quality tools and accessories to make my life and the lives of other artists and note takers better.

I have two beautiful, wonderful little girls that I love with all my heart. I want to provide for them by doing things I’m proud of by providing quality, vetting products and software that I fully believe in. 

I have years of research and over a decade of using a variety of digital stylus in my personal work, (have 20 plus different stylus next to me as I write this) so I am confident that my opinion is both very informed and educated on digital pens for art and note taking. My review for the Raphael 5 came out last year in September (2019). Version 2 of the stylus and 4 months later I started selling the stylus in January of 2020. The manufacturer is great to work with and have the best support I’ve EVER gotten with a company. Absolutely love them. If you get a defective stylus (rare) they will expedite a new one with express shipping immediately and I’ll be the one you talk with in order to do that. 

My plan is to continue to research and find the best options for tablet users and to put my findings here for you. Please subscribe below to be informed of other great finds.

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Tablet Pro is a small team, your support means the world to us.

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Takashi Yamamoto

Takashi is the programmer and primary owner of the Tablet Pro software (touchmousepointer and touchzoomdesktop). He lives in Japan with his wife and two children. He is a very kind and intelligent man with a lot of integrity. Fun Fact: the name “Lovesummertrue” used as the Japanese company name for the Tablet Pro software comes from a mix of Takashi’s wife and two daughters names. 

justice frangipane tablet pro

Justice Frangipane

Justice is the face of Tablet Pro and the Tablet Pro YouTube channel. He is an artist and an athlete and a father of two wonderful, beautiful little girls. He loves the ocean and cooking. He does this website, the content creation, marketing and support. He is the software developer that helps develop the features in Tablet Pro, and one of the programmers for the Pen Tool and Sound Keyboard apps. 

marius sucan programmer

Marius Sucan

Marius is the main programmer for the KeyPress OSD, Pen Tool and Sound Keyboard apps. He lives in Romania with his family. Marius has a great sense of humor and a very quick mind. A great conversationalist on some of the deepest topics. He is an artist and you can find more of his work here.