Tablet Pro TouchZoomDesktop

  • Zoom anywhere on the screen
  • Great for old programs made for mouse use
  • Secure – Used by Banks and Hospitals
  • Tap small hard to touch buttons
  • Doesn’t conflict with windows native gestures
  • Smooth antialiasing
Zoom any part of Windows

Install Tablet Pro STUDIO and Right click the Zoom Icon to get started

tasktray windows microsoft taskbar


Once Tablet Pro STUDIO is installed – Open the Tasktray (near the clock and wi-fi symbols on the taskbar) and click to turn on or RIGHT CLICK to adjust the settings 

*note – disable two finger touch to keep application based two finger pinch to zoom functioning. Set 3 finger pinch to zoom to minimize conflict between programs

TouchZoomDesktop is part of the STUDIO app and is installed with the TOUCH component.