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Make your simplest device, your MOST useful with Tablet Pro STUDIO


Touch buttons containing all your most used keyboard shortcuts, mouse events and hotkey combinations. 

The most comfortable way to work effectively with one hand or holding your tablet. Designed for note taking, field operation, artwork, and 3D in mind.

Use your voice to send text expansion, open specific websites, apps or send keyboard combos.

Designed to add audio feedback, clicks, beeps, invented sounds to indicate when a key is pressed. Add depth to your touch interaction.

Remap the side buttons on your stylus and your Bluetooth button on your stylus with powerful controls that were made to level up significantly the power of your digital pen.

This full screen trackpad allows you to do all of your mouse controls using a transparent overlay on your screen. Customizable gestures allow you to perform most any task.

Many programs don’t support scaling and are hard to see and interact with using touch. Zoom allows full screen zooming and touch interaction for just such situations.

This touch game pad can be used in most games types. It can emulate an Xbox controller. If used in conjunction with the trackpad mode you can play even more game types.