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The best living digital canvas for creating fluid beautiful traditional styled artwork. Draw, paint, sketch and design inside of Rebelle 5. Rebelle 5 has now been optimized for use with touch screen tablets and the Tablet Pro Artist Pad. It fully supports SPT (simultaneous pen and touch) for a breathtaking drawing experience that will leave you wanting more. 

Rebelle 5 is out, which version should you buy? Rebelle 5 or Rebelle 5 Pro. Read this post by Justice from Tablet Pro on the topic to figure out which version is right for you. 

The full set of Rebelle 4 tutorials

Learn everything you want to know how to do


Frequently Asked Questions

Choose – Edit – Preferences – Tablet – Windows 8+ Pointer settings – “Okay” – You may need to restart Rebelle to initialize

Check these options –

  1. Lock transparency – hit “/”
  2. Selection tool is active – hit “Ctrl + D”
  3. Erase mode is enabled – hit “1,2, or 3” 

Hit “tab” on the keyboard to show panels again. If this doesn’t work click “Window” – “reset changes to default”

Most likely the color picker is set to “color mix”. To disable this press “X” or click the icon on the bottom left of the color pallet window. 

Holding “Alt” to color pick and “X” to color mix works best. 

Color mixing will change the color TOWARDS the color you are clicking.

There is currently no blur tool in Rebelle. One can be made easily by adjusting the smudge tool “soft” option. Adjust the brush creator settings “Shape – Opacity” to 1x __03.


I will make this available as a brush shortly


Install Tablet Pro

Do you want to start using the Artist Pad with Rebelle 4? This quick guide will take you through the setup process. Give yourself about 5 - 10 minutes to get setup and started using the Artist Pad inside Rebelle. click the button below for a full walk through with the Rebelle Artist Pad.

The Brush Creator Series

Brush Creator - Introduction

Welcome to the Rebelle 4 Brush Creator Tutorial Series. In this introduction video, Justice Frangipane explains how to create a new brush, save new settings, and reset to default if you are not satisfied with changes.

Various Brush Settings in Rebelle

Watch this video to find out how to adjust the brush settings in Properties Panel and Brush Creator of Rebelle 4. See how these two panels are connected and what are the differences.

Four Shapes and Grains, Rotation Settings

Learn how to use up to four shapes and grains in Rebelle 4 while creating customed brushes with an endless amount of combinations. Justice also explains what role does the rotation setting play in this process.

Pressure, Opacity, Multiplayer, Maximum

In this video, Justice talks about different Pressure Settings in Rebelle 4 Brush Creator. Learn how to properly adjust the Size, Opacity, Maximum, and Multiplier to create desired brushes.

Shape Settings

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about shape settings in Rebelle, such as max. size, spacing, opacity, and angle. Learn more about specific settings for oils and acrylics, such as max. loading and max. smudging, or how to turn your brushes into glazing or smudging.

Grain and Canvas Settings, Brush Sharing

The last part of the Brush Creator tutorials introduces Grain settings, such as Texture Smoothing and Tiled Texture options, Canvas Texture Strength and Contrast settings, and the option to share your newly created brushes with other Rebelle users.

Rebelle 4 Essential Series

All the things you want to know how to do right now

Just starting with Rebelle 4? Watch this quick introduction video to the features and tools that will make your painting process fun, easy, and realistically-looking.

All the things you want to know how to do right now

Just starting with Rebelle 4? Watch this quick introduction video to the features and tools that will make your painting process fun, easy, and realistically-looking.

living digital canvas thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Living Digital Canvas - Visual Settings, Wet & Dry Canvas, Tilt, and Blow Tool

Are you curious to find out how to fully use the potential of Rebelle's living canvas? In this tutorial, Justice explores different canvas textures, visual settings possibilities, and reactions of paint with water. Learn more about how to wet or dry the canvas, blow the paint, or work with a tilt to achieve the most realistic-looking digital paintings.

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Paint Modes, Watercolor Transparency Modes, Oil and Acrylic Dirty Brush

Rebelle 4 comes with new paint modes: Paint, Paint & Mix, Paint & Blend, Blend, and Erase. Watch Justice Frangipane explaining the differences and their proper use in your painting process.

Canvas Size, Image Size, Crop Tool, Papers & Deckled Edges

In this tutorial, Justice will explain how to resize canvas, how to use the crop tool, and what happens when you resize an image using deckled edges paper.

Properties Panel, Brush Panel, Brush Customization and Sharing

Rebelle 4 is introducing many new features and settings in Properties Panel. Watch this tutorial to learn more about brush customization, how to save volumes and paint modes per brush, and how to share brushes with others.

Color Panel, Color sets, Pick Color Tool, Natural Colors

In this tutorial video Justice explains how to use Pick Color Tool, what options do you have when it comes work with Colors sets and Color Panel. Watch till the end to see the new Rebelle 4 natural RYB color mixing in action.

layers panel thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Layers and Layer Groups

Some might prefer to work with just one layer, however a lot of times it is very useful to know how to work with multiple layers. Learn more about the features of the Layers panel and get a better understanding of how masking, tracing, and group layers work.

4 wet 4 dry media thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Wet and Dry Media

In this tutorial, Justice will introduce the wet and dry media in Rebelle 4 - oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pencil, pastel, marker, airbrush. He introduces different paint modes and brushes for each medium.

oils thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Hyper-realistic Oils

In this video, Justice is introducing the power of a new oil engine in Rebelle 4. Learn how to adjust impasto, gloss, oiliness, loading, to give your painting a realistic look. Explore thick and thin brushes and the differences between them.

line smoothing thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Line Smoothing. Pressure Smoothing and Sensitivity

Let's take a look at new options for Line Smoothing in Rebelle - Moving Average, Pulled String. Justice will also explain how Pressure Smoothing and Pressure Sensitivity settings work and when is the right time to use them.

Selection Tool, Transform Tool

In this video, we'll learn how to handle Free-hand, Polygon, Ellipse & Rectangle Selection Modes, Magic Wand, and Transform Tool - it's quick and easy!

watercolor thumbnail for rebelle drawing application


Let's dive into the world of Rebelle's Watercolors. Justice will explore the brushes, opacity and water settings, transparency modes, and everything you need to know to make a perfect watercolor painting.

filters thumbnail for rebelle drawing application


The Filter menu offers standard color adjustment settings. Let's take a look at Brightness and Contrast, Hue and Saturation, White or Black to Alpha, and other Color settings.

preferences thumbnail for rebelle drawing application


In this video, Justice gives guidance on all settings that can be adjusted in the Preferences window. Learn what are your options when it comes to memory, tablet, tools, colors, and color management to use Rebelle 4 to its fullest.

Blend, Smudge, Clone, Fill, and Erase Tool

This tutorial will teach you how to achieve the perfect effects with the Blend and Smudge tool, how to use the newly added Clone and Fill tool, and how to use Erase tool in Rebelle 4.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Make your work with Rebelle 4 much easier. Watch this tutorial to learn what shortcuts to use, how to change them, or create your own.


Watch Justice Frangipane explain how to use and create new stencils in Rebelle 4.

Perspective and Ruler Tool

Are you looking for precision in your paintings? Do you need to draw lines or buildings with Rebelle 4? In this tutorial, Justice will explain how to use the Ruler and Perspective tool to help you with that.

Ui tutorial thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

Understanding the UI

Get familiar with Rebelle 4 user interface and find out how to customize it and make your workspace just as you like.

Navigator Panel

Justice will walk you through the navigator possibilities of Rebelle 4. Learn more about options to zoom and rotate the canvas.

new features thumbnail for rebelle drawing application

New Features

What's new in the latest version of Rebelle? Watch Justice Frangipane walk you through the major changes to this hyper-realistic digital painting software.

rebelle 5 painting drawing software watercolor oils acrylics

Tablet Pro Artist Pad SPT (simultaneous pen and touch) in Rebelle 5

If you have a stylus and want to get work done then you need the Artist Pad from Tablet Pro. For those who know the joys and pains of a tablet only work flow without a keyboard. Custom keyboard hotkeys are a LIFE SAVER. Professional Artists and avid note takers around the world swear by the usefulness of the sexy and powerful Artist Pad from Tablet Pro. 

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