Privacy policy

Your privacy is important. This privacy statement clarifies if any kind of personal data is collected by products developed by Tablet Pro.

The provided program/software/application (from now on referred to only as “software”) does not collect any information or data about the user. That is, no personal data is collected. Further, it will not track, access or process information on how it is used.

As any other software, the provided software only stores settings and user options, as configured by the user within the realm of possible/provided options in the settings windows. The user is never prompted to provide any personal data. Therefore, no personal data is collected, as previously stated. The settings are stored on the local machine, running it. They are never shared with or distributed to third-parties by the provided software.

None of the provided software, as published on Microsoft Windows Store, accesses the Internet.

Justice Frangipane

Tablet Pro

Page updated on 2 / 07 / 2023.