The infamous Pen Tool

The Pen Tool will allow you to customize your stylus behavior, side button function and hover abilities. Unfortunately, at this time, it can not grant hover abilities to you. Rest assured this is a disappointment to us as well. However, on the dim yet metaphorical bright side, you can now control your stylus with wizard like abilities. 

Please watch the setup guide to the right it will help you understand how to use the Pen Tool to its highest potential. (infamous means “it’s so famous it’s IN famous”) 😉

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This month (September 2021) is my first month trying to go FULL TIME with Tablet Pro. This means, more and better tutorials, better software, faster development and big improvements everywhere! While I’m excited about those things for all of us, it’s a scary leap of faith. The easiest and most meaningful way you can support me and Tablet Pro during this transition is a good rating in the Microsoft Store. Please feel free to be honest and transparent and then rate the software based on it’s usefulness, not it being perfect. In your ratings please let others know where you struggle or what the Pen Tool allowed you to do as this will help answer questions for new users. You can click below to rate and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! 😁 


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Touch Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Panel what is the Artist Pad?

If you have a stylus and want to get work done then you need the Artist Pad from Tablet Pro. For those who know the joys and pains of a tablet only work flow without a keyboard you know why custom keyboard hotkeys are a LIFE SAVER. Professional Artists and avid note takers around the world swear by the usefulness of the sexy and powerful Artist Pad from Tablet Pro.

The Pen Tool software gives easier control over both the stylus buttons and the Artist Pad and other Tablet Pro modes to keep things organized and simplified. 

Free Trial available 

Actually I don’t know yet, this affects a very limited number of users. Please send me a support email as we are trying to figure out what this bug is.

Unfortunately, yes. However, the Chupacabra or “el Chupacabra” can be defeated and your cursor restored by following the following steps…. First make sure you don’t have ANY goat blood in your body, this is critical to prevent a possible fatal attack or worse. Second, or as I like to say “secondly” you can switch the pen to one that displays both buttons, invert and barrel, and make sure that “mouse mode” is not selected, please select “none”. Save. 

In the pen tool settings window select the program that you want to associate and hit the edit button. In the Tablet Pro tab select the mode you want to associate and the preset file as well as the mode of Tablet Pro. Make sure that you apply and close the settings window for for the association to activate.

Get the Tablet Pro Pen Tool for Free when you purchase the R520. The link to download your free Pen Tool with included license will be sent inside your purchase confirmation email when you buy the R520 stylus. 

please use the “Tap to Unlock” option with modifiers to override the programs default behavior. Tap the side button, then use the stylus with the modifier applied. 

If you are using the Invert or Barrel buttons to navigate in a 3D program like Zbrush, please turn on the 3D modeling toggle. This will add the Lbutton of the mouse to aid in navigation. NOTE / WARNING / BEWARE / WHY??? if this toggle is on, you need to tap the pen tip down to disengage the mouse Lbutton. Otherwise it will draw while hovering. (we hope to improve on this but it may not be possible)

the pen tool is free when you buy a Pen

Unlock Advanced Features on the Pen

When you purchase the R520 2 button stylus built for artists from our store you get a free copy of the infamous Pen Tool. The Pen Tool lets you adjust, control, modify and improve the performance of you Pen. It gives you the ability to change the side buttons to countless functions including CTRL, ALT, SHIFT modifiers useful in 2D and 3D software like Photoshop, Zbrush, Krita, Blender etc… Or just a simple “undo” command to make life faster and easier. If you have a Surface Pen or alternative like the R520, you want the Pen Tool. 

*the Pen Tool license is sent as a URL in your purchase confirmation email

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Update History

  • copy and paste of presets using the sharing icon
  • moved the Tablet Pro TOUCH settings icon onto bottom panel
  • allow drag and drop of Preset ini files directly onto the Tablet Pro PEN tool main panel, will copy into the default directory “my-presets”
  • Main panel will show if the icon is clicked and the Pen Tool is already running
  • the app icon has been updated
  • improvements to active window recognition should reduce unintentional launching of tablet pro modes
  • fixed a bug that was keeping modifiers from working
  • updated the buttons associated with preset folders for clarity
  • you can now disable Pen tool keyboard shortcuts by shortcut type
  • online presets now available with a button in the pen tool settings



  • copy and paste of presets using the sharing icon
  • moved the Tablet Pro TOUCH settings icon onto bottom panel
  • allow drag and drop of Preset ini files directly onto the Tablet Pro PEN tool main panel, will copy into the default directory “my-presets”
  • Main panel will show if the icon is clicked and the Pen Tool is already running
  • Improved the launching smoothness (decreased flicker) of Tablet Pro with hotkeys
  • Win+Shift+A now toggles through the Artist Pad sizes
  • Presets updated
  • Preset loading improved during initial first run
  • Improvements and updates to multiple images
  • Logo updated to new logo
  • Added Activate Preset to Bluetooth button dropdown
  • Added option in settings to let users choose what happens with the icon double click
  • Added “Activate Preset” to Bluetooth dropdown
  • Updated default Bluetooth function settings
  • Removed option for 0% transparency
  • Improved Help section
  • Added Change Log button in Help
  • Improved the Pen Tool icon activation of Presets, it now toggles on/off Tablet Pro modes
  • Improved keyboard shortcut activation of Tablet Pro Presets with Win+Shift+Z
  • Improvements to decrease the switching of windows during activation of Presets
  • now hosts the Presets for Tablet Pro Desktop
  • My-Presets folder created to store user presets
  • Default-Presets folder created to host redundant presets to restore files if desired
  • tooltips added to most settings items
  • Lunacy preset added
  • bug fixes related to restoring default presets
  • option added to Quick input panel to turn on hotkeys alt+(shift)+1-6  (default off)
  • Support for Artist Pad Slim Mode
  • Open Presets Folder in right click menu and settings
  • hotkeys for Color Pick, Location and Create Preset changed to avoid conflicts. Now WIN key is added (win+alt+c,x,z)
  • various bug fixes
  • support added to input for multiple modifiers + mouse buttons (ex. alt+ctrl+middle mouse)
  • new welcome guide
  • Rate app now opens directly to rating dialog box
  • check for preset path location message box (depricated)
  • additional bug fixes and improvements
  • Quick input mode – HOLD the bluetooth button to quickly map pen click location or hotkeys to the side buttons.

  • Notes added per preset
  • Keyword allowed per preset to create a group of presets available in the dropdown next to selected Tablet Pro preset
  • Bluetooth button option to open the Quick input panel
  • Open Quick input panel with hotkeys (ctrl+shift+\) or (ctrl+alt+\)
  • Map hotkeys to location clicks with alt+shift+1-6 or alt+1-6
  • 3D modeling mode – improves navigation in Zbrush and other 3D programs
  • Smart modifiers – hold the side button to switch between modifiers (alt/ctrl/shift) a quick click of the side button will toggle on the modifier for a single use of the stylus. A hold of the side button will swap to the next modifier and a tooltip will display the modifier change
  • Quick Launch action – Single click the Pen Tool icon will launch the selected Pen Tool options for the program you have open and active

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We guarantee every purchase with a 60 day unconditional money back guaranty and 1 year warranty.

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Justice Frangipane

Tablet Pro Team

This tool will help you remap the side button on the Surface Pen and the Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus easily to use in Zbrush, Photoshop or any program where you want more control or just a simple “undo” function at your finger tips.