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Enhanced Touch Controls built for peak performance

windowWorking on a tablet can be extremely slow and tedious, so much so, that it feels like it’s a toy and not a tool. Is it possible to turn the toy into not just a tool, but the most used tool in your work arsenal? Join our 14 Day Challenge and learn how to transform your tablet into your favorite tool for flying through projects.

Fun Fact: Tablets can be used almost anywhere you have wasted time

Less Fun Fact: It is hard to carry your workstation with you – *hint – it’s heavier

Now that you know with certainty the truth about heavy and hard to carry workstations, how can you apply this truth to your life and benefit dramatically? I would say the same way that thousands of other professional artists have by using Tablet Pro. I’ll tell you right now why I use Tablet Pro.

  • I get to work on the couch (my neck and shoulders cramp terribly if I sit over a desk
  • I can fly through tool changes when drawing at 3x that of my desktop speed
  • Navigation in Windows 10 feels slick and powerful, no more moving my whole arm to peck a button
  • I don’t have to squint – If something is small, I just zoom in with Touchzoomdesktop

gaming-padThe great news is, if I can do it, you can do it. Now instead of being trapped at a desk, you can work where you decide. Now, once you are in that comfortable new place, you can get work done FAST. If something is hard to see, you won’t have to pick your tablet up to your face, just zoom the whole desktop in!

As a community of artists, we have built Tablet Pro to solve these problems. Tablet Pro is continually in development by artists, for artists. We are our own customer. Join us and experience what having workstation like tools in a mobile environment is like. Create without limits. If some of the biggest names in the business are using Tablet Pro to enjoy their work time more, why aren’t you? The 14 Day Challenge will let you try all the features of Tablet Pro at no cost to you. We will even send you free simple to implement training emails to get you to the place you want to be. Need to be convinced more? Click the images here to read what other artists in your shoes have gained by using Tablet Pro.

Artist Pad

Yongwoo Cho

Tablet Pro has allowed me to use my tablet pc to it’s maximum potential. I can produce my work much more quickly and efficiently since all of my most used key commands are right on the screen. It is the best Windows utility I’ve purchased.

Artist Pad

Adrian Retana

Illustrator & Concept Artist

It definitively speeds up the workflow, which is almost identical to the one I have on my desktop pc, and without the need of an external keyboard, and that’s sooooo aweeeesome!! I did all of today’s work on the surface with the help of Tablet Pro.

Artist Pad

Jon Woodard

I’m absolutely in love with Tablet Pro. If you make the switch to a tablet PC work flow like the Surface Pro 3, you’ll quickly miss having a keyboard and mouse…

Artist Pad

Michael W Sheeler

Thanks to Tablet Pro I now have all the special function buttons I can dream of using…and I can place them anywhere I want on the screen. This incredible program changed…

Artist Pad

Simon Chapman

Senior Artist - Codemasters

Tablet pro enables me the freedom to create any shortcuts or buttons I need for any program. I can just sit on the sofa and create! It’s a must have piece of software if you have a pen enabled tablet.

Artist Pad

Justice Frangipane

Co-creator Tablet Pro software

Tablet Pro gives me a chance to work how I want to work on my Vaio Z Flip. I need shortcut keys to keep myself in the zone when I work. Without Tablet Pro I would frustrate myself out of getting work done.

Artist Pad

Erin Raught

Artist, Designer, Photographer

I am currently using Manga Studio 5 on my Microsoft Surface Book. So far, I looove the Tablet Pro app! It actually makes me want to draw now that I can easy undo and adjust my brush sizes with a simple tap of my finger. It makes drawing fun now instead of a task.

Artist Pad

Colin Thomas - NaughtyDog

As a professional artist i was interested in being able to create work on the go, so i picked up a surface book. I quickly realized that getting any real work done would be incredibly difficult using the apps i normally used with a traditional keyboard setup. I was familiar with a certain speed while working on my desktop and wanted to replicate this as much as possible, this is where TabletPro has completely made this a reality for me! the tool is simply fantastic, and i simply couldn’t work the way i was used to if not for TabletPro! Also the creators are very good at responding to emails. seriously, Microsoft should buy this and integrate it directly into all tablets!

Artist Pad

Fabio Leporelli

Shader TD at Weta Digital

This is the kind of software you should get by default with every new tablet… it works great and it’s really user friendly, which is very important. This is all you need to start sculpting in Zbrush on your new Surface Pro. Last but not least, the support you will get from Justice is amazing. Great tool!

Artist Pad

Isaac Litman

Illustrator and Artist

If you’re an artist working with Photoshop on the Surface Pro 3 and up, Tablet Pro is a must buy! It enables you to setup your own hotkeys and shortcuts to your favorite Photoshop tools, and brings a full Wacom experience to your sleek beautiful machine. Tablet Pro also features multi touch and press functionality, which means it brings back the experience of have Alt, Shift, and CTRL at your disposal just like on a keyboard. That means you can use color select seamlessly while you paint, and draw straight lines. Finding the right setup for Photoshop on a tablet can be a pain in the ass, and this application made the difference between returning my Surface Book and making it my primary device.

Try the 14 Day Challenge and gain the advantage while staying comfortable.