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I’m going to walk you through what to do next step by step.

Since what our software does is very complex we use both Windows Store and desktop applications to manage and minimize limitations. Our two programs work together.

You will need both:

  • tabletprodeskClick the Tablet Pro mouse icon to download.
    Tablet Pro Desktop is the engine that drives our software. Customizing gestures, Artist Pad and pointer settings and everything else can be found here. This is also where you will load the files you create in the Tablet Pro Manager.

  • Tablet-Pro-store-icon-512x512-150x150Click the Tablet Pro Manager icon to download.
    Tablet Pro Manager (Download from Store) *Purchasing is handled in the Manager app. Tablet Pro Manager will allow you to edit and customize touch based buttons and layouts like those found in our Artist Pad.

To purchase open the Tablet Pro Manager appTablet-Pro-store-icon-512x512-150x150

If you find Tablet Pro useful, we would greatly appreciate if you could Rate us 5 stars in the Windows Store we always appreciate it and will help others like you find us.

Sincerely Justice & Takashi

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Tablet Pro

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