Get Started with Tabletpro

Step 1:

In order to purchase and activate Tablet Pro software open the windows store app Click on Activate


Step 2:

Choose the option that best suites your needs. If you are unsure of what to purchase we have made the full package of all our tools the best value. (*note – all tools are free to use in their full version for the first 14 days after install)


Step 3:

Click on the Tablet Pro desktop mouse icon on the taskbar or in the system tray. Choose “upgrade”

(The desktop software must be installed to complete step three. If you have not yet installed the desktop software it is a simple process. The download link and install instructions are sent after subscribing. You may subscribe at the bottom of this page or by clicking “here”.)


Step 4:

Click “details”


Step 5:

Click “activate by store app”

This will open the Tablet Pro store app and verify your purchase. Once the store app has opened you may close it. The process has completed in the background.

The Activate/Upgrade pop up box can also be closed. There is no need to wait for confirmation.


Step 6:

Confirmation of successful purchase can be made by looking at the Activate/Upgrade status.

It should now accurately reflect the Windows store app purchase.


Step 7:

Celebrate! A short to medium length dance is recommended.