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Panduan Permainan Lucky Neko Milik PGSoft


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Productivity is considered the domain of laptops and desktops, while tablets are used as consumption devices. Can a tablet actually be used for productivity in the same way as a laptop, effectively replacing it? Yeah, over the past couple of years, tablet pro has proved it. For digital and professional artists a tablet pro can … Continue reading “” ENHANCE THE CREATIVITY USING TABLET PRO’S HANDY FEATURES” – Duplicate – [#531]”

Unlike your old tablet it provide you with buttons on the screen so that you don’t have to keep taking out the keyboard for few keys. One more fascinating fact about it is that you get access to transparent touch keyboard, that means while using the keyboard you can have a look at the stuff going underneath the screen. Sometimes it is very inconvenient to navigate through different buttons but tablet pro provides you with a choice of selecting an option with just a single touch on the screen.

This removes the uneccessary movement and allows you to work more productively. Afterall what everyone want is efficient and productive output in a less time.

Presets April 2020


updated presets for Tablet Pro, color, alignment fixes, numpad addition. etc….

Capture One


For editing and rate photos in Capture One

Presets pack November 2019


affinity designer, artrage, blender, medibang, onenote purple, onenote dark, paint tool sai, painter, photoshop cc 2020, krita, zbrush, rebelle 3, sketchable, sketchbook, Zbrush, premiere rush, adobe premiere *note, most of these require you to adjust keyboard shortcuts in the program as well. If you have a shortcut button that isn’t working you may have to … Continue reading “Presets pack November 2019”

OneNote Dark Mode


Dark mode preset for OneNote is finally here! I LOVE this one, the combination of blacks, grays and more grays with a little splash of color is wonderfully dark and simple. Tablet Pro Installer 2.0.74 included in this zip file. OneNote preset has ctrl pgup, ctrl pgdn, highlighter, star, url, enter, fullscreen, page navigation, home, … Continue reading “OneNote Dark Mode”

Blender 2.8


This is the beta build of this blender 2.8 file. I need the expertise of the blender community to get this to work correctly, hopefully with the eventual inclusion of the newer touch api from microsoft this will really start to fly! I’m hoping for help in getting brush resize to work faster and better. … Continue reading “Blender 2.8”