Purchase the Full Tablet Pro Software Suite

  • Replaces your Keyboard, TourBox, Wacom Expresskeys, Streamdeck, ClipStudio TABMATE
  • TOUCH panel with customizable buttons per application
  • Keep all your hotkeys in the same location between programs to speed up muscle memory and reduce mental strain
  • Use important time saving hotkeys without needing to learn keyboard shortcuts
  • Increases sex appeal 
  • Allows you to be “DESKTOP” effective while still staying “COUCH” comfortable
  • Change your Stylus side button behavior to modifiers, mouse clicks, hotkeys, combos
  • Easy install – email will be sent after purchase with license urls to download and register
  • 3 minutes from now you could be drastically more productive
  • if you read this far, just purchase already – 14 day money back guarantee! 😊

Currently offering a limited time sale to add a copy to your order to gift a friend (or soon to become friend) for just an additional $10, increase your cart items to “2” and press the CHECKOUT button