Tablet Pro

Artists who use Tablets

windowTablet Pro can add the addition of desktop class productivity to your tablet while keeping the simplistic usability of a pen and notepad.

The current system requires you the user to put back together a disassembled laptop before attempting to get work done. That requires a desk, keyboard and setup time.

Imagine all the things you don’t like about using a tablet.

Now imagine we said those things.

Wouldn’t it be great to fix those problems? Now you can! 

The cliché is apparent. How often is it accurate? How often is it someone trying to sell you something you don’t need? We have asked our users for years these same questions, “What don’t you like about using your tablet?” “What still isn’t working for you?” “What do you still need?

Would you like to know what we learned?

gaming-padIt is our mission to enhance and reimagine tablet usage. Our mission is not to make a sale to someone who doesn’t need us.

We desire to give tablet users a premium tablet experience.


Because we are tablet users, artists, and creatives who have struggled with using our tablets for years. So why not change it?

If you would like to see an article by an artist who tried it, check out Tablets for Artists

Our tools give you the ability to choose how you want to get work done. You don’t have to be trapped behind a desk.  You have a device that can allow you that same desktop class productivity but with the luxury of a pen and notepads simplistic use.

Sit, work. anywhere.

….or stand and work. you should make that choice. You don’t have to let your device dictate the answer to the questions of “where” or “how” anymore.

As a community of artists, we have built Tablet Pro to solve our problems. Tablet Pro is continually in development by artists, for artists. We are our own customer. Join us and experience what having workstation like tools in a mobile environment is like. Create without limits. Some of the biggest names in the business are using Tablet Pro to get more out of their tablets, would you like to join them?

The 14 Day Challenge will let you try all the features of Tablet Pro at no cost to you. We will even send you free simple to implement training emails to get you to the place you want to be. Need more convincing? Click the images here to read what other artists have to say about Tablet Pro.