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Business use is highly beneficial

There is a growing number of forward thinking businesses that choose Tablet Pro to maximize the time and effort of their employees. If you are an employee or have employees that use Tablet PC’s you owe it to your bottom line to research the efficiency gains of Tablet Pro software.

Contact us to create a custom setup specific to your companies needs. We can make a flawless touch interface so your employees can navigate desktop software and websites built for a keyboard and mouse setup with ease. All without the hassle of carrying extra gear (and expense) or need for a desk to start working.

We solve the following touch screen problems

  • Tiny interface in legacy applications
  • Website rollovers don’t work with native Windows touch
  • Navigating slides, photo’s or presentation
  • Setting up a keyboard and mouse to start using your tablet
  • Fat finger syndrome
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We enable the following features

  • Turn the touch screen into a trackpad
  • Zoom the entire screen to hit small buttons easily
  • See all the website rollover effects
  • Use gestures to quickly switch screens for presentations
  • Adjust volume or brightness with natural gestures
  • Onscreen keyboard shortcuts speed up workflow
  • You can travel light without the keyboard and mouse

Ryan McClellan – Vice President VisuaLimits

I wanted to thank you and your team for working with VisuaLimits to adapt your feature rich Touchzoomdesktop software to work with our hardware. Our screen size is fairly standard for a tablet and our clients want to run all types of applications on it.  However, many of these applications weren’t built for touch, nor were they built for a small screen. Your software allowed us to provide a solution for all of our clients and they couldn’t be happier. Thanks to you and your team for your attention to detail and excellent product. I look forward to working with you in the future.