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If you have questions using Tablet Pro this is the place to go to find answers. In depth training and tutorials on what the different aspects of Tablet Pro can be used for as well as training on how to best set up and work with 3D software and 2D graphics programs.

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Installation Guide for Tablet Pro

  • Search the Windows Store Type “Tablet Pro” Click the icon for “Tablet Pro”

    store search windows
  • Choose “install”. The image below shows the word “open” in the spot “install” would be.

    Once installed open the app by typing “Tablet Pro” into the Cortana Search Bar.

    install screen
  • Click the result at the top that shows up.


    Alternately you can click the Start Button and start typing “Tablet Pro”


    cortana search results

    activation screen

    Click Activate.

  • We have split the product into minimal purchases for those who do no want all aspects of Tablet Pro. We respect that inspite of great these products are or how far the author of this tutorial can throw a football (hint – over those mountains), you should not feel pressured to purchase products you don’t need regardless of the high likelihood of impulse buy them at a later date at a higher price.

    purchase screen

  • You will be presented with a screen like the one above. This is the Tablet Pro activation screen. Click any of the four icons in the center. Each one is linked to exactly the same file so it doesn’t matter which one you click. (we may make the whole section click as one unit in the future)

    auto download

    Click “Save File”

  • I recommend saving to your desktop. By default the file will be saved in Downloads.

    downloadsdownload file

    Double click the file.

    Start by installing the Touchzoomdesktop component

    install touchzoomdesktop

  • Follow the prompts.

    install next

    install agree

    install sign out touchzoomdesktop

    Do not sign out yet. No harm will come of you or you’re loved ones should you accidentally click “yes”. It is quicker to wait till the full process is done

  • Follow the prompts.

    Now install the Touchmousepointer component of Tablet Pro.

    install tablet pro

  • Installing this component will look nearly identical to the installation for the Touchzoomdesktop component. There is one exception. Administrator privileges are required for the TouchMousePointer component.

    touchmousepointer install

  • You will be asked to sign out. If you say “Yes”, nothing will happen. I recommend you click “Yes” instead.

    You computer will now log you out.

    Once you have returned to your desktop you will likely see the TouchMousePointer icon on your taskbar near the battery indicator.


  • If you’re icon does not look the same as the one above don’t panic. If your icon looks like the image below,

    taskbar icon

  • right click menupanic
    There are two options for the taskbar icon. The above is not one of them.
    Right click the taskbar icon.The right click menu has many important aspects to it.
    For now we will simply finish the upgrade process.If you don’t see the icon on the taskbar,
    you may need to enable its appearance by right clicking in any empty space on the taskbar.
    Go to “Toolbars”
    Enable TouchZoomDesktop and TouchMousePointer, If “Upgrade” is not present you have finished the install

  • If “Upgrade” is present please continue below.

    taskbar empty right click

  • If “Upgrade” is present click the Upgrade button.

    activate by store app

  • Choose “Activate by Tablet Pro store app” Currently there is a bug at this point. The start screen below will appear.

    tablet pro splash screen

  • It will sometimes be followed by this screen.

    purchase screen

  • If the above screen does not display, Tablet Pro may have been activated in the background. Close the open window to return to the desktop activation screen. The bug causes the process to show as “waiting” however, the process has already completed.

    waiting on confirmation

  • Note the “Waiting …”

    Status shows as “Not Activated”.

    Close the above window by “Cancel” or “X”

    not activated

    Activation Status will show “All features activated”

  • Installation is complete.