Are you a musician and want to invest in new and innovative software that enable new creative possibilites for music? Innvovation of surface pro has enabled creators to be more productive. The exciting customized touch gesture enables artists to control the arrangements with a quick swipe and thereby enables to have quick access.

What if anyone tells you that you can diversify the music effects and thereby can produce more vibrant sounds with much ease by using advance touch and controls. As a music lover you might be very excited and to make your excitement double surface pro has been desgined. It offers you following features :

TOUCH CONTROLS: These touch controls allows you to swipe through different multiple clips with ease. Not only this, with its advance touch feature you can control the volume just by making movements on the screen with your fingers.It enabes you to edit the audio clips via touch interaction. This makes it more fun!

TOUCH KEYBOARD: You can make music with your fingers using the new virtual touch keyboard. Just drag your fingers right and left to increase and decrease the pitch respectively.

SHORTCUTS: Surface pro allows you the freedom of creating shortcuts and buttons that you might need. This enables you to dive into any parameter faster than you hit a combination of key commands. This allows you to perform the work with ease as well as at an increased speed.

Basically with its innovation you get access to all the advanced and new techniques in a compact form. You get all the features of a laptop in the size of tablet. These exciting features and ease to use are the key determinants for the success this product.

Surface Pro not only transforms into an instrument for music making but its more versatile design transforms it into a canvas for young and inspiring artists!

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