From the very beginning of childhood girls are considered to be more subtle and gentle and enjoys playing with their decent stuff such as barbie dolls.

Boys on the contrary develops interest in gaming, they are passionate enough to play video games.
According to a research it has been experienced that males are more attracted to, and more likely to hooked on video games than females. Not only this they are interested in new technologies that could really increase the fun to play. They keep themselves updated about the latest ongoing changes in technology.

Launch of surface pro has been done especially for such game freakers. This super software will definitely double the zeal and passion for gaming. It provides you with exciting features which includes :


This software provides you advanced gaming controls. One of the surface pro’s biggest benefit is the touch control, you can play games without connecting an external mouse.This reduces the chaos of using mouse and doubles the fun for gaming.


This software offers you to create shortcuts on your screen which can reduce the travelling time for manually selecting a particular option. Some games require to click the right or left button on your mouse to confirm actions whereas if you are using surface pro then you can simply complete the action by touching the oncsreen shortcuts which are created specifically for the purpose.


You can enjoy games with much more natural graphics and effects. Good graphics doubles the desire and fun for gaming. The animated characters seems to be more real which makes you feel as if you are playing being among them.


You will have to spend more bucks inorder to buy a software with more storage space so as to store unlimited games. If you are an impatient gamer and hate loading times then surface pro can overcome your nerve as it comes with a speedy SSD which enables you to download faster.

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