Advancement in technology has paved the way to outstand the old developments. With new technology a better version of the existing product comes up. The new version is definitely designed keeping in mind the cons of the existing product. So new version proves to satisfy people by overcoming the drawbacks of already existing design.

It has been seen that old desgined computers with a big monitor and box like structure have been replaced by flat screen desktop monitors. With more advancement in technology these flat screen monitors were replaced with laptops and now a better version of laptops with touch screens are launched.

Not only this, for convenience and ease, tablets are now being used widely by large mass of people. Tablets are said to be improved version of laptops which allows the users to have the freedom of using it as per their comfortability level. You don’t need to stick to a particular place rather you can use the tablet wherever you feel convenient. You can sit and relax on the couch and double the ease of doing work. No longer you have to bound yourself at a single place with wires entangled all around connecting different devices.

Tablet Pro can prove to be a bliss for every professional. It has been designed to increase the work utility. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a musician or even a student tablet pro can best suit your purpose. Its touch feature reduces the difficulty to select options by stretching your arm, instead you can tap on the screen to select any of the option and can do the work more quickly and easily.

For artists it can be a canvas for painting and provide artists with diversify features such as amazing colour effects, different brush sizes and colour palette to give wings to their imagination.

If you are an entrepreneur then you can prepare the presentation and can present it with much ease using its extra ordinary on screen shortcuts and touch feature. You can run multiple apps while running programs and switch between them seamlessly.

The success of Surface Pro owe to people like you, who with their extremely good experience and desire for such innovations enable the inventors to come up with more advanced and supertech innovations like this.

By: Deepti Batra

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