Does not it become chaotic when you have to carry multiple devices inorder to create, improvise and record music? The answer for this question is obviously yes. With ever increasing modifications in technology a new innovation is being triggered every moment.

Surface Pro is designed for professionals who were looking for a device that can replace their laptop and tablet. The Surface Pro 3 had shown itself to be very much handy in this respect and is proved to be an amazing tool for music creators. Most of the music we hear in the movies, in concerts is created using powerful music softwares and tools which provide its audience the zeal to enjoy.

Musicians love Surface Pro 3 because it runs all the tools they depend on to create music in a form that is portable enough to travel with them everywhere they go. Not only this, the great features which this perfect device offers is one more reason that artists love to invest in such technology.

The ability to use touch and pen control opens up new possibilities and efficiencies as you create music. The pen allows you to easily control the effects with no unnecessary movements making the music more efficient.

It also makes it possible to view and edit full scores using Sibelius in one hand while writing down notes with pen in the other. You can optimize high resolution pixel sense screen on the Surface Pro 3 which enables your music to look beautiful.

With its advanced touch control onscreen keyboard you can redefine music by dragging your fingers left and right across the screen to adjust the pitch of notes and up and down to increase or decrease the intensity of effects. By using this you can manage the music you create with such a great efficiency and can make your audience fall for it every time you experiment something new.

The other fascinating thing which has seeked the attention of musicians is the optimized and powerful processor that run everything so smoothly. The applications like Ableton Live and Bitwig work so well with Surface book enabling musicians to double the fun of making music.

This innovation is an obvious choice for the musicians who love to experiment, create and explore music.

by: deepti batra

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