Productivity is considered the domain of laptops and desktops, while tablets are used as consumption devices. Can a tablet actually be used for productivity in the same way as a laptop, effectively replacing it?

Yeah, over the past couple of years, tablet pro has proved it.

For digital and professional artists a tablet pro can really change the experience. A device that provides a virtual track pad on the screen that can be used to control the mouse and right-click or left-click options. It has become quite popular; thanks to their extreme portability, easy to use interfaces and wide range of functions they can be used for.
It provide tools that can help you create artwork entirely digitally, while still working with your hands – things that can genuinely make you more productive.

Although skills and techniques are unique to every artist,tools are often something unique to each as well. For an artist, the instruments of their crafts are just as important to the art as the ideas they present.

The tools provided by tablet pro offers a wealth of choices and opportunities entirely different than those of traditional media.

With a tablet pro, one can setup his own hotkeys and shortcuts to the favourite Photoshop tools.
Keyboard shortcut features could be experienced by the multi touch and press functionality that exists in this tablet. Ink can be a hassle to edit. Unlike the way u draw on a paper, now you can make changes quickly and easily. Change the character or its whole world. Rearrange, copy, or remove panels. No need to start over.Then publish your drawings straight to your favourite online gallery or social media sites.

The pressure-sensitive pen gives you a natural brushstroke, the same way you draw on paper. There’s an endless array of digital brushes, colours, and effects right at your fingertips. So with the ability to create any canvas size you like with multiple layers, colour and light enhancements, customization of brushes – there’s very little to limit the creativity, tablet pro can be used to best suit the purpose.

by : Deepti Batra

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