Dark mode preset for OneNote is finally here! I LOVE this one, the combination of blacks, grays and more grays with a little splash of color is wonderfully dark and simple.

Tablet Pro Installer 2.0.74 included in this zip file.

OneNote preset has ctrl pgup, ctrl pgdn, highlighter, star, url, enter, fullscreen, page navigation, home, superscript, new page, navigation menu, right click, delete, undo, redo, control, copy, paste, emoji, bold, italic, underline, bullet point, numbered, check boxes, cortana, screen grab and more buttons on it.

One Response

  1. I really love this preset, the screen grab shortcut is so handy!
    What I was wondering is, if it is possible to add Audio Recording – Controls to TabletPro? I couldnt find any Keyboard-Shortcut to start an Audiorecording in Onenote, so maybe it is not possbile to do that?

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