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If you want workstation speeds but without being confined to an office than this is the right solution for you. You can be productive AND comfortable. 

Walking from station to station and room to room while lugging a computer stand around detracts from your more important tasks. Using Tablet Pro Studio you can easily do your charting where ever it needs to be done.

One of the most important parts of learning is taking notes. Taking notes with a pen effectively increases retention. Tablet Pro was built to dramatically reduce the effort and time it takes to take quality notes. 

Walking from site to site holding a tablet means you have an expensive doodling device and then when you can eventually sit down to type you can get the rest of your work done. But you don’t need to sit down to be productive anymore. Tablet Pro Studio is your “stand up” keyboard option. Making real work possible while standing. 

Improving our Creative Journey


Tablet Pro STUDIO is introducing some new tools in PRIVATE BETA. Our Radial Menu, Voice to TEXT EXPANSION, Voice to hotkey, HANDWRITING to text expansion and a few other tools that are essential to making your tablet fully usable in all situations. If you want to be a part of that journey with me, please add your email now. 

From my family to yours, 

Thank you 😁 

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Justice Frangipane

Tablet Pro Team

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